Had a second operation for my back

Had a second operation for my back, not perfect but heaps better. Still taking TBL-12 and feeling fine.

It's now 16 months since I started TBL-12!

It's now 16 months since I started 2x twice a day TBL-12. I've enjoyed having lots of energy to have an amazing 3 weeks holiday in a Japan summer walking around in 30° in 2017. Thank-you TBL-12. 
The only pain I have is from arthritis having had 3 hip replacements my back now carries quite a bit of arthritic pain. 
It is now 4 years and 3 months since I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer to my bones..ribs and back. The only long term cancer drug I take daily is Letrozol.  A great celebration of moving through long term remission. Thank-you again TBL-12.

Another good update!

And yes another good update! Latest scan still showing no signs of progression and oncology doctors now only wanting to see me annually, couldn’t be happier!

Still feeling healthy and energised, also maintaining a very busy social life.

Where have the last six months gone?!

Seriously, where have the last six months gone! As I wait for my surveillance MRI scan in July I feel healthy and full of energy. I am working full time and enjoying a fun filled, energetic life on the Sunny Coast. I am loving the benefits of taking my daily tubs of TBL-12, so safe and simple. As I write this blog it helps me reflect on my journey where I was and where I am today, thanks for improving my quality of life TBL-12.

Back training amateur boxing

Feeling good and now working fulltime and back training amateur boxing. Still waiting for my hernia operation!

Still taking TBL 12, but for a while now have only been needing to take 1 per day.

My specialist was nicely surprised!

I continue to drink 3 TBL-12 a day.

My bone density has increased by 20 percent in my spine and also 10 percent through out the rest of my body. My specialist was nicely surprised by this and said we did not expect this to improve.

I am really happy with my weight now as I have managed to put on some weight at last. I was weighed in hospital in the middle of December 2017. I could not believe I was 45.5kg.

I am so happy with this. All of my life I have been very underweight, due to swallowing issues and because my skin is constantly blistering and healing.

I am symptom free

I started taking TBL12 , 2x twice a day in December 2016. I immediately had more energy and felt really well. Apart from ongoing pain in my back from arthritis, I am symptom free confirmed by a recent 2017 PET scan. TBL12 has given me an amazing amount of hope now and for the future.

It has been a little bit of a see saw time for me

This is  a brief update on how I have been since my last update. It has been a little bit of a see saw time for me. I have lost 2 family members who were relatively young, (40 something) and an unborn baby. Having been off the TBL 12 for 4 months, there were times when I could have really done with some, but for personal reasons I was without the TBL 12. But I’m back on the TBL 12 for a month now and I’m feeling OK, normal almost, just shortness of breath if I extend myself too much.

Haven't I Grown

Having surgery on Tuesday the 7th Nov to remove another skin C. These are a certain type to do with my condition.
Haven't I grown. Thanks TBL12.
I would not have grown much at all with out it.

Cancer is Stable

I had my three monthly check up with Oncology last week.  The latest scan shows the cancer is stable in my abdomen which is great news.  Long may that Last.  Still on three monthly check up’s.  Still taking 4  TBL12 a day.


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