Continuing to do well

Tayler is still taking 2 tbl12 a day, and is continuing to do well. She had an mri in may showing no changes to tumor. She is doing well at school and is still seeing a personal trainer twice a week.

I’m so healthy nothing can stop me!

Yet another clear scan in June.  I am now on yearly scans and the Neurologist was so impressed he discontinued my Epilum. Life is super busy now that I am working four days a week but I still have plenty of energy to  cope with the busy demands of been a mother and studying. Let’s face it TBL-12 has improved my immunity and my quality of life!

Still taking TBL 12 regularly

Its been a while since my last update cos nothing has changed. Still taking TBL 12 regularly

Feeling great.

Not much to report. Feeling great.

Feeling better

Having my ups and downs but usually to do with being slack and not taking TBL 12 properly. But I have been lately after Dave told me off and are feeling better for it

No progression of cancer!

It's been a year since my last CT Scan so my oncology team thought it best
to have another test done to see how things were looking.
I had been experiencing some pain on my right rib cage ( the same side as my
mastectomy ) so I was keen to get the testing done.

Results are in and it's all good news, NO PROGRESSION and the existing
tumours have stayed the same size, the doctors are putting my pain down to
nerve damage - I will run with that!

I continue to take my TBL-12 twice a day.

Bye for now

Radiation had minimal side effects thanks to TBL-12

Well Mark has been back and had a three week round of radiation to try and keep his tumor at bay for as long as possible, and given that it was his second lot if radiation after 3 tumours we were told that side effects could be significant.  Very happy to report that this time round the side effects have been very minimal - no mouth ulcers, his skin is wonderful, paranoia has been minimal, he has generally been fantastic! He has even started cutting down on his pain and sleeping medication! He is on 3 seafoods a day, along with a ml of selenium each day, and is looking and feeling amazing.

My scans are still clear!

It’s been almost 3 years now and I’m THRILLED to report that my scans are still clear! The blood tests continue to improve and there is no sign of any tumors. I graduated in March, working 3 days a week and aiming to become a nurse practitioner in 2016.  The results speak for themselves, the effect TBL-12 has had on my cancer and my energy levels is remarkable! I would recommend TBL-12 to anyone, the benefits are Tremendous!

Getting a lot stronger and more confident with balance

Tayler is doing great. She is seeing a personal trainer twice a week and getting a lot stronger and more confident with her balance and trying out new things.
Still enjoying school and is starting to form relationships with her peers. She is still taking 2 tbl12 a day. We are due an mri next month.

Great news!! Just had a clear scan result

Great news!! Just had a clear scan result - we are so relieved!! It's been a
hell of a ride since marks last tumor was removed just before Christmas. He
was back in surgery about a month ago to have a shunt put in his head to
help with the swelling and pressure that had built up due to a leak in the
skull (that had significantly changed his personality). With the pressure
taken off the frontal lobe we got our Mark back again.
The surgeon was really worried about how his scar would heal this time


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