Considered stable

Tayler had still been taking 2 tbl12 a day. She had a scan in November which showed no change to tumor so she is still considered stable. 
Starship has discharged her and she is now down to only having one mri a year.
She continues to improve slowly in all areas.

Nutrition is so important for my health

When I started taking two TBL12 each day I pretty much straight away noticed an improvement in my appetite.
I now find myself asking for more food which is a marked difference from what I was doing.
Nutrition is so important for my health, healing, growth, energy and quality of life.
I am so thrilled to say I have grown 5cm taller this year. I am very happy about this as it can be such a challenge to
grow, put on weight and develop with my condition (E.B), as my body is always healing.

Feeling energised and healthier than ever

Just an update I'm doing super well, feeling energised and healthier than ever. The latest oncology appointment went well, the team are very happy with how well I'm doing ( I know its the TBL-12 )!!! Always getting comments on how well I'm looking. Until next time .........

Amazing sea cucumbers that have the healing properties

I have just had a wonderful birthday this month with my family on a holiday in Rarotonga. I saw the amazing sea cucumbers that have the healing properties to help fight cancer and other diseases up close and personal in the water while snorkelling. I am about to complete my Masters in 3 weeks entirely, and I am feeling fantastic! My energy levels are still amazing and my quality of life is better than ever. I feel revitalized and ready to enjoy the best Christmas ever.

Still got heaps of energy

My last month has been great - still got heaps of energy. Havn't been swimming every day, but keeping busy out in the shed. Have had some really good nights sleep, even with a new baby in the house :-)  I still need a lie down during the day some days, and still have headaches, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm due for another scan before Christmas, fingers crossed all will be good.

Defying the odds

Hi, I feel the best I have for ages. Surgeons have had a look and found a tube was falling out of my kidney. Once they sorted that I felt great. Also have been to see the oncologist and he commented how it was pleasing to see me defying the odds by sticking around for so long and the cancer not bothering me anymore. My latest test on 17 Oct 2014 for my PSA was 775 which is still high but the previous test over a year ago back on 3 Jul 2013 was a very high 1950.  I am so pleased that it has come down. Must be the slug juice cos that is all that I am taking!

Feeling fine

Feeling fine. No recent tests. Still taking two TBL 12 per day.

Still no sign of any progression of my cancer

Howdy folks,

Here's the latest .......

I recently had a bone scan with good results .... Still no sign of any progression!! That's another win for us.

I have noticed that my pain has subsided to the point where there are days when I'm completely pain free which is amazing. My oncology team are very pleased with my results considering I'm a terminal patient who should be on the down hill slide, there is no doubt in my mind that my twice daily shots of TBL - 12 have contributed to keeping the cancer at bay.

Getting ready for pets day at school

Tayler is doing well, getting ready for pets day at school. Her balance is improving all the time. Next mri is in November,  and she is still having 2 tbl12 a day.

Training for the Bridge to Brisbane charity fundraiser

Things have been great over the last month. Marks been in training for the Bridge to Brisbane charity fundraiser to raise money for The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation which he participated in last weekend. He completed the 5km course in 29 minutes! Not bad for someone who was told he didn't have long to live 2 years ago! He alone has raised almost $10,500AUD to go towards the over $130,000AUD that this fundraiser alone has raised to help find a cure or at least extend the lives of those suffering from this horrible thing.


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