I am now five years cancer free

This is so exciting! I am now five years cancer free with no changes on my MRI scans and unremarkable laboratory results. It’s hard to believe that five years ago I read about the interesting features of Sea Cucumber and its Cancer fighting properties. I am back working full time and have a good immune system. Without a doubt TBL-12 has enhanced my quality of life. Roll on Christmas and 2019.

Boosting my immune system

I am now back in Westport and remain on pain medicines and continue to take my daily TBL12. I
believe TBL12 has truly benefited me by boosting my immune system.

No problems with my prostate

Hi, still got pains in my leg which is slowing me down a lot. Still taking TBL 12 and still have no problems with my prostate despite my high PSA readings

Now making up for lost time

Sophie is still going strong and taking one TBL12 daily. We have now hit the teenage years
And Sophie is your typical teenager which is great to see because when she was sick, she would
Be sleeping while all the other children were playing. She is now making up for lost time.
Her eyesight is great and so far had no recurring issues. Still hates the taste of TBL12 but
Still takes it without me reminding her.

Feeling stronger every week

Have been taking TBL12 four times a day. Feeling stronger every week. My oncology
Appointment is coming up in the next couple of weeks but hoping that will all go smoothly.
Still resting, and that is harder to do than it is to say. Some days when I am feeling great,
I think of all the things I would like to do but promised Dave I would rest until the end of the
Year and then hopefully see how things are going. I must say the rest and feeling better has
Certainly had a big impact on my outlook so bring on those summer months.

Nausea almost gone & more energy

Hi, just a little update on my general health. I have cut my vitamin C to once a week & am continuing with my TBL 12. I have had a bowel condition for six years now which has caused diarrhoea & nausea on a daily basis. I’m happy to say the nausea is almost gone & the diarrhoea has improved. I also have more energy. My tumour hasn’t grown any bigger in the last year so who knows, one day it might start shrinking. At this stage I am feeling very positive & looking forward to the future. Until next time, Daphne

Didn't get flu as hard as the family

Hi, feeling average. Just got over the flu but never got it as hard as the rest of the family. Still waiting for my hernia operation but otherwise all go ahead. Still taking TBL 12

Oncology appointment confirmed no progression Yay!

Hi All,

Well that's winter done and dusted, roll on the warm weather!

Had a routine MIR scan last month and my oncology appointment yesterday confirmed no progression yay!

Its been four years since my initial terminal diagnosis and I'm still managing to keep the horrible disease at bay. The specialists are pleased with how I'm keeping and are happy to move my next appointment out to six months.

Bye for now.

Participated in school cross country.

Tayler is continuing to do well and thriving at school, last week she participated in school cross country. she is still taking 2 tbl12 a day and her health is stable.

taking my TBL12 every day, feeling so much better for it

It's taken a while to find a house that is warm and insulated, but finally thing's have worked out. Really looking forward to summer, spring is in full swing here, continuing with my TBL12 every day and feeling so much better for it, life is definitely so much better today and every day thanks to TBL12. 


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