Really looking forward to Summer

It's taken a while to find a house that is warm and insulated, but finally thing's have worked out. Really looking forward to summer, spring is in full swing here, continuing with my TBL12 every day and feeling so much better for it, life is definitely so much better today and every day thanks to TBL12. 

I feel positive about my future

Since beginning to use this natural product, my energy levels have improved considerably and I now feel positive about my future. I'm able to carry on with many of my former activities which include housework and being a gardener at the local resource centre. I don't have a car but can once again walk to the local supermarket to do my shopping and can walk/bus to most places. I feel happy about my renewed energy and positivity.

Sophie continues to be well.

She is now taking  one TBL12 per day.  Her specialist is very pleased with her progress and she is off all other medication which is great.  She is enjoying school and growing well.  Her eye sight has not declined  in fact it has improved.

Rest is best

I had a scan earlier on in June.  Oncology were happy with the fluid in my abdomen drying up and also the nodules have reduced in size.  I had some fluid around my lungs which Oncology thought was related to sarcoid but the sarcoid doctor didn't agree.  Between the two departments they decided to drain and test the fluid.  I went into hospital last week to have the fluid drained and they couldn't find enough to test – yahoo no needles.

Before I went in to have my operation I was taking double TBL 12

Before they could deal to my hernia I have been in hospital and have had a new stomach, and my gall bladder removed in April. 6 weeks later I am feeling real good and am still taking TBL 12. Before I went in to have my operation I was taking double TBL 12 for 2 weeks before the operation which I feel gave me a faster recovery.  So still in the queue for the hernia operation.

Everythings fine

Everythings fine, no changes and still taking TBL 12

I have even been trying a bit of excercise!

Still got pain in my leg which is slowing down my walking. Trying all sorts of things to fix it. Apparantly it is bruised bones. I have even been trying a bit of excercise! Still taking my TBL 12. PSA up to 49 but not surprising given the operation I have had.

Going from strength to strength

Its now a little over five months from the day our daughter was diagnosed with DIPG and it is awesome to report that Jeda is going from strength to strength. Recent scans indicate a significant regression of her tumor and overall much improved brain structure from the original diagnostic scan. While its early days we are cautiously optimistic that we may be able to manage the tumor for considerably longer than initially thought. TBL 12 is a central part of the treatment and we believe that without it her body's ability to heal itself and fight the cancer would not be so strong.

My energy levels and skin feel better than they have been in a long time

At present my skin is the best it has been in a long time, which means everyday things are much easier to do than they have been.

I have had a chronic wound on my right knee for about 4 years now, which covered all of my knee cap. Now this wound is well over half healed. This means walking and bending/flexing my knee is more comfortable.

My energy levels feel better than they have been, most likely because I have less blisters and smaller wound areas.

I am having blood tests next week to check my iron levels. Low iron levels are an on going issue for me.

Making great progress at school

Tayler has been very well, making great progress at school and with her speech therapist and has had botox in her leg to help with movement. No change to her tumor and is still taking 2 tbl12 a day.


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