Completed a cross country last week

Tayler has been doing great. Enjoying school, learning heaps, making friends and even completed the cross country last week!! Still taking 2 tbl12 everyday.

I’m back running

Another clear scan in June was the icing on the cake before our big move to Australia, and no more scans now for three years! Oncology, Neurology and Endocrinology were all impressed with my progress. Although it has been a busy two months, taking TBL-12 twice daily ensures my immune system is in overdrive. I’m back running and loving the weather here in sunny Mooloolaba. 

Going from strength to strength.

Sophie is going from strength to strength.  She has enrolled in trampoling and indoor netball.  Previously before TBL12, Sophie had trouble getting through the day let alone completing in any sports.  She does not need glasses currently.  We are still waiting for a specialist appointment as the one we had booked was cancelled by specialist to attend an emergency operation.  Sophie is enjoying life now that she is off her steroids.  Long may that carry on.

Going great and health wise

Tayler is doing well and enjoying summer, loves swimming and is spending alot of time at the beach. School is going great and health wise all is well, she is still taking 2 tbl12 a day.

Helping me cope with the radiation

I am still taking TBL 12 twice a day which has maybe helped me cope with the radiation. 

Managed to keep the cancer at bay

Hi All, results in - no progression!! It's now been two and a half years since the terminal diagnosis and have managed to keep the cancer at bay. Go me and go TBL-12!!

Doing well at school

Tayler is doing awesome, still taking 2 tbl12 a day. Doing well at school, loves to read and write and spend time with her friends.

Looking forward to exciting new changes

Looking forward to exciting new changes and a laid back lifestyle centred about pristine beaches, freshwater lakes, subtropical forests and warm sunshine living in Australia. I think its fair to say that over the last two months TBL-12 definitely helped keep up my positivity, motivation and high energy levels needed for the fast pace of moving to another country. Goodbye winter!

Acute appendicitis, released after 3 days

Sophie is still off her medication and doing great with taking two TBL12 a day.

We had a family holiday at the end of March and went to Sydney for 10 days.

On the last day Sophie was unwell with severe pain. We went to the hospital Where they diagnosed acute appendicitis and operated to remove it.

This is a very big positive to celebrate!

Hi Rosalyn here.  Just a small update… I am thankful that after 18 months I am now largely off painkillers. The insertion of a stent to drain my kidney has worked to ease that source of pain. And I have not had a return of the pain I had in 2015 due to the tumours. Also I am no longer plagued by migraines. This is a very big positive to celebrate!

Furthermore after several years of having to sleep propped up… in order to take the pressure off my back I am now able to sleep lying flat. This is a major improvement. I am getting much better quality sleep than I have for some time!


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