No aches or pains which is always a positive

Hi All,

Thought it was about time I did an update! I'm doing well, no aches or pains which is always a positive.

Had an oncology appointment this week they suggested that I have a bone scan purely for the reason that I haven't had one for a while and also piece of mind ........ will let you know the outcome.

Until then

Still taking the sea cucumber

All ok with me, Still taking the sea cucumber but it doesnt get any better in taste!

Doctors can’t believe I have lasted this long

Still hanging in there & taking 2 TBL 12 per day. Doctors can’t believe I have lasted this long

Almost 80 and feeling great!

Nothing much to report. Still feeling great & its not long before I am 80. Still on the TBL 12

Sophie’s off her medication

We had some great news on Wednesday.  Sophie’s doctor has taken her off her

Medication for three months to see if what will happen to her eye’s. He was

Very impressed with the improvement from the previous three months.  He said

There was some cells still floating but very little compared to what there was.   This is the

First time we have had a reduction in medication as normally he increases

The dosage.  We walked out with big smiles on our faces, even the receptionist

Commented on how happy we were.  Sophie continues to take two TBL12 a

Eyes are not as sore plus feeling better

Sophie took her first lot on friday 26th February. I was impressed with her as it does not taste very nice at all.  She told me she was sick of having sore eyes and headaches so was willing to try anything for them to go away. She has been on tbl12 for a week now and already I have noticed a difference. More  engery, moods stabilised and she tells me her eyes are not as sore plus she feels good as well. We have an appointment  with her specialist  in a couple weeks so will be interesting to see what happens.

TBL-12 is definitely my energy ticket

Thanks to TBL-12 I have pulled through a busy Christmas and six weeks of crazy school holiday excursions, thank god the kids are back at school! I too am back at work and ready to tackle exciting personal and family goals for 2016 with enthusiasm. TBL-12 is definitely my energy ticket.    

Spending alot of time at the beach

Tayler is doing well and enjoying summer, loves swimming and is spending alot of time at the beach. School is going great and health wise all is well, she is still taking 2 tbl12 a day.

Existing tumours do not appear to be growing

In November 2015 I began experiencing pain in my back (although in a different place than I had in the first six months of 2015) together with pain in my groin and/or thigh…. all of this was on my left side. It meant I have had to take pain killers again. I also experienced a return of severe migraine like headaches. This was very debilitating. Throughout this time I had kept up my TBL-12.  In between migraines and the pain I would have good days and was not so tired.  I rested as much as possible.  During this time I have also been undertaking high dose I.V. vitamin C treatment.

Happy New Year!

Just back from a fantastic Christmas break and I'm feeling amazing!

Have my first oncology appointment for the year coming up, I'm sure the team will be pleased with me as I look and feel great, thanks to TBL-12 I'm sure.


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