Significant change

After getting our original diagnosis of no significant change from Marks last scan in sept, when we went to see his oncologist in October it turns out there actually was quite a significant change.  His tumour has spread into a part of his brain that is not surgically removable, so we were given the option of more chemo which would, if we were lucky extent his life for maybe an extra couple of months.  After looking into the side effects he decided it was not worth it, and instead has upped his intake of TBL-12 to four a day, and up to Christmas was doing well.

Recovering from dental surgery

At the moment I am recovering from dental surgery, which was successful. An enormous amount of skill and extra time was needed for my treatment, As I have a lot of scaring and this has caused a very limited opening of my mouth. My nostrils also have a lot of scarring. They needed to be dilatated so the air tube could fit in for the anaesthetic. (Scarring is caused by repeated cycle of blistering and healed skin). Because my skin is fragile the skin on my bottom lip was mostly rubbed of as I had some teeth extracted. I expected this to happen and really this is minimal damage.

Looking forward to Christmas

Still taking 2 TBL 12 per day and still feeling fine and looking forward to Christmas.

Looking forward to another Christmas

Looking forward to another Christmas. Feeling Ok but I think age and a few replacement body parts are catching up with me.

Still taking TBL 12 and feeling fine

Nothing much to report. Still taking TBL 12 and feeling fine. Had a bad flu a month ago but did not seem to get it as bad as the rest of the family.

I realise I need to do my part too and rest

I have been taking TBL-12 for three months now. Unfortunately the last two months have been very stressful while I have been looking for a new home and eventually moving in to the house.  Dave from TBL-12 has warned me repeatedly that I must rest and TBL-12 cannot help me if I don’t rest. While I think TBL-12 has helped me get through this stressful time I realise I need to do my part too and rest.

The comparisons and results have been unreal!

Hello December! OMG it’s nearly Christmas. Isn’t it crazy to look back a year and realise how much has changed? Since starting on TBL-12 3 years ago the comparisons and results have been unreal! I have just completed my Prescribing Practicum for Nurse Practitioner and looking forward to Christmas and a summer of sun sand and fun. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016! 

The latest bone scan showed no progression

Well it's been 2yrs since I received the terrible terminal diagnosis and I can honestly say that I feel better than ever with high energy levels and a good appetite. The latest bone scan showed no progression, the oncology team a scratching there heads as to why I'm doing so well, I know that my little secret (TBL-12) plays a big part in my well being.

Have a fantastic Christmas, catch you in the new year.

Cheers Maxine

She is developing alot of independence

Tayler has been doing really well, is thriving in her new school and loving it. She is developing alot of independence and determination to do things on her own despite her limitations.still taking 2 tbl12 a day.

Great news!

Marks 3 month scan has come back with no significant changes. We are so happy and relieved, it will allow us to celebrate a 1st birthday and Christmas with big smiles on our faces.


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