I have had some good days but generally have remained tired.

Hi - I’ve been on the TBL-12 for 6 weeks now. I am on to my second box. I have had some 

good days but generally have remained tired. This week I have started feeling niggling pain 

again in my back... not a good sign after 6 weeks of pain free time. I am also quite tired 


I have been doing very little exercise this last fortnight and rest in bed most mornings till 

9am in order to be up to the day. 

I have been taking 3 TBL-12 most days. I also continue on my high dose vitamin c infusions 

Results from recent tests

Hi there still feeling well and energised. Have just been away on holiday easy to take my TBL-12 with me, the holiday was pretty full on and not once did I feel tired - put that down to my little secret (TBL-12)!

Have just received results from a recent bone scan - all good no progression!

Until next time .........

Slow but steady

Tayler is continuing to make slow but steady progress. Her speech has come a long way and her balance is improving, she has managed 6 steps on her own. She is really enjoying school and making great progress in reading. She is still taking 2 tbl12 a day, & now only requires one mri per year.

Hope I begin to feel some improvement soon

For the last three weeks prior to and since taking the TBL-12 I have been very exhausted and have been experiencing terrible body aches, and sore neck glands. I started taking two doses of TBL-12 per day for the first two weeks and have this week begun taking three per day in an attempt to give myself a much needed extra boost. It is my hope that I will begin to feel some improvement soon.

TBL-12 is definitely my formula for energy

Another one bites the dust! Just ticked endocrinology off my appointment list for another year! I am now officially on yearly follow-ups for neurosurgery, oncology and endocrinology. TBL-12 is definitely my formula for energy… now roll on summer, I can’t wait!

78 years old and feeling great

PSA creeping up and it is now 37 but it is still less than it was over a year ago. Doc thinks at this level I should consider my options, but I’m 78 years old and feeling great so are happy just taking TBL 12.

Feeling fine

Feeling fine and still taking  TBL 12 regularly(ish)

Doctors still surprised how well I am

Still taking 2 per day, I have my ups and downs but doctors still surprised how well I am. At the moment are feeling great.

There's been a lot of ups and downs

There's been a lot of ups and downs for Mark over the last couple if months. Energy levels have been low at times, so lots of resting.  On the upside he has managed to knock off some more of his pain medication so he's happy with that.  Coming up to a MRI soon so anxiety levels are high which could explain a few things.   We've got our fingers crossed for a good result. His morning routine still has him downing his shot of TBL-12 religiously. It's made such a difference we are very thankful.

I am feeling good and doing well now

I am happy to tell you that I am feeling good and doing well now. This year I have had a few different infections. I have got on top of them now. Last week I had a runny nose for three days, I got over this quite quickly compared to dad who was ill for days and of work. Every day I drink two tbl12 and have done so for some time now.


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