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My specialist was nicely surprised!

I continue to drink 3 TBL-12 a day.

My bone density has increased by 20 percent in my spine and also 10 percent through out the rest of my body. My specialist was nicely surprised by this and said we did not expect this to improve.

I am really happy with my weight now as I have managed to put on some weight at last. I was weighed in hospital in the middle of December 2017. I could not believe I was 45.5kg.

I am so happy with this. All of my life I have been very underweight, due to swallowing issues and because my skin is constantly blistering and healing.

Haven't I Grown

Having surgery on Tuesday the 7th Nov to remove another skin C. These are a certain type to do with my condition.
Haven't I grown. Thanks TBL12.
I would not have grown much at all with out it.

My energy levels and skin feel better than they have been in a long time

At present my skin is the best it has been in a long time, which means everyday things are much easier to do than they have been.

I have had a chronic wound on my right knee for about 4 years now, which covered all of my knee cap. Now this wound is well over half healed. This means walking and bending/flexing my knee is more comfortable.

My energy levels feel better than they have been, most likely because I have less blisters and smaller wound areas.

I am having blood tests next week to check my iron levels. Low iron levels are an on going issue for me.

This has made me realise just how much I've improved

Hi everyone, I recently attended an Australasian E.B (Epidermolysis Bullosa) conference in Christchurch for people with the same condition as myself. I have not seen some of the people from Australia since I was 14 years old, that was seven years ago.

After seeing me for the first time in years they commented to me;

Holly you are so tall !!!

Holly you can stand up straight  !!!

Holly I love your hair  !!!!

Holly you are walking so well  !!!

Recovering from dental surgery

At the moment I am recovering from dental surgery, which was successful. An enormous amount of skill and extra time was needed for my treatment, As I have a lot of scaring and this has caused a very limited opening of my mouth. My nostrils also have a lot of scarring. They needed to be dilatated so the air tube could fit in for the anaesthetic. (Scarring is caused by repeated cycle of blistering and healed skin). Because my skin is fragile the skin on my bottom lip was mostly rubbed of as I had some teeth extracted. I expected this to happen and really this is minimal damage.

I am feeling good and doing well now

I am happy to tell you that I am feeling good and doing well now. This year I have had a few different infections. I have got on top of them now. Last week I had a runny nose for three days, I got over this quite quickly compared to dad who was ill for days and of work. Every day I drink two tbl12 and have done so for some time now.

Back to being positive again.

Just to keep you updated on my health. I have had gout in my right ankle and also infection. I am now feeling much better as I am on top of these issues. Back to being positive again.

Nutrition is so important for my health

When I started taking two TBL12 each day I pretty much straight away noticed an improvement in my appetite.
I now find myself asking for more food which is a marked difference from what I was doing.
Nutrition is so important for my health, healing, growth, energy and quality of life.
I am so thrilled to say I have grown 5cm taller this year. I am very happy about this as it can be such a challenge to
grow, put on weight and develop with my condition (E.B), as my body is always healing.

I increased my dose and have an increase in appetite

I have only ever taken one TBL 12 per day. But for the past month I have been taking 2 per day. I have noticed an increase in my appetite and I am able to eat even more healthy food and drink.

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