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I wish she had of kept on taking it

Unfortunately Jeda passed away earlier in the year. She just refused to take TBL 12 anymore. However I believe the tbl12 really helped. I wish she had of kept on taking it. I believe it definitely helped. Her body was fighting back and she was so well for such a while. Whether it was coincidence that she stopped taking tbl12 and went downhill I don't know. But she was fine and improving while she was on it.

Going from strength to strength

Its now a little over five months from the day our daughter was diagnosed with DIPG and it is awesome to report that Jeda is going from strength to strength. Recent scans indicate a significant regression of her tumor and overall much improved brain structure from the original diagnostic scan. While its early days we are cautiously optimistic that we may be able to manage the tumor for considerably longer than initially thought. TBL 12 is a central part of the treatment and we believe that without it her body's ability to heal itself and fight the cancer would not be so strong.

Back at school part time

Jeda is doing great and is now back at school part time and enjoying life.

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