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Significant change

After getting our original diagnosis of no significant change from Marks last scan in sept, when we went to see his oncologist in October it turns out there actually was quite a significant change.  His tumour has spread into a part of his brain that is not surgically removable, so we were given the option of more chemo which would, if we were lucky extent his life for maybe an extra couple of months.  After looking into the side effects he decided it was not worth it, and instead has upped his intake of TBL-12 to four a day, and up to Christmas was doing well.

Great news!

Marks 3 month scan has come back with no significant changes. We are so happy and relieved, it will allow us to celebrate a 1st birthday and Christmas with big smiles on our faces.

There's been a lot of ups and downs

There's been a lot of ups and downs for Mark over the last couple if months. Energy levels have been low at times, so lots of resting.  On the upside he has managed to knock off some more of his pain medication so he's happy with that.  Coming up to a MRI soon so anxiety levels are high which could explain a few things.   We've got our fingers crossed for a good result. His morning routine still has him downing his shot of TBL-12 religiously. It's made such a difference we are very thankful.

Radiation had minimal side effects thanks to TBL-12

Well Mark has been back and had a three week round of radiation to try and keep his tumor at bay for as long as possible, and given that it was his second lot if radiation after 3 tumours we were told that side effects could be significant.  Very happy to report that this time round the side effects have been very minimal - no mouth ulcers, his skin is wonderful, paranoia has been minimal, he has generally been fantastic! He has even started cutting down on his pain and sleeping medication! He is on 3 seafoods a day, along with a ml of selenium each day, and is looking and feeling amazing.

Great news!! Just had a clear scan result

Great news!! Just had a clear scan result - we are so relieved!! It's been a
hell of a ride since marks last tumor was removed just before Christmas. He
was back in surgery about a month ago to have a shunt put in his head to
help with the swelling and pressure that had built up due to a leak in the
skull (that had significantly changed his personality). With the pressure
taken off the frontal lobe we got our Mark back again.
The surgeon was really worried about how his scar would heal this time

Surgery seemed to take a bit of a toll

Marks last lot of surgery seemed to take a bit of a toll on him. He seemed
to recover really well for the couple of weeks after surgery, then he took a
bit of a dive. His personality changes and depression have been extreme at
times. He has not ventured from the couch much at all in the last couple of
months. Lots of sleeping and resting. He has a leak which he is back in
surgery for next week to fix up, then a scan end of march.  Things are
slowly getting better - Taking two seafoods a day.  Hopefully once the

Great sense of humour that is keeping us all laughing

Well it's been all go since the last update. Since the birth of our daughter
mid October marks headaches had started to get a wee bit worse, along with
the odd "odd" thing that he started doing. A scan towards the end of
November confirmed a golfball sized tumor had grown back in the same place
as the last two. He had surgery almost two weeks ago, and has recovered
remarkably well considering it was op number three, which we had been told
can be harder to recover from.  We are thinking he may start chemo within

Still got heaps of energy

My last month has been great - still got heaps of energy. Havn't been swimming every day, but keeping busy out in the shed. Have had some really good nights sleep, even with a new baby in the house :-)  I still need a lie down during the day some days, and still have headaches, but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm due for another scan before Christmas, fingers crossed all will be good.

Training for the Bridge to Brisbane charity fundraiser

Things have been great over the last month. Marks been in training for the Bridge to Brisbane charity fundraiser to raise money for The Cure Brain Cancer Foundation which he participated in last weekend. He completed the 5km course in 29 minutes! Not bad for someone who was told he didn't have long to live 2 years ago! He alone has raised almost $10,500AUD to go towards the over $130,000AUD that this fundraiser alone has raised to help find a cure or at least extend the lives of those suffering from this horrible thing.

Oncologist Results

It's been a while since Mark has had his third round of chemo with little side effects - a wee bit of nausea and lethargy but nothing too significant. He has since had a scan just before he was due to start his fourth round of chemo in June, and when we went in to get the results with his oncologist we were both feeling confident of the results given the way he was feeling. The oncologist questioned us extensively about how he was feeling and both Mark and I launched into how great he was doing and feeling.


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