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Another good update!

And yes another good update! Latest scan still showing no signs of progression and oncology doctors now only wanting to see me annually, couldn’t be happier!

Still feeling healthy and energised, also maintaining a very busy social life.

Oncology appointment confirmed no progression Yay!

Hi All,

Well that's winter done and dusted, roll on the warm weather!

Had a routine MIR scan last month and my oncology appointment yesterday confirmed no progression yay!

Its been four years since my initial terminal diagnosis and I'm still managing to keep the horrible disease at bay. The specialists are pleased with how I'm keeping and are happy to move my next appointment out to six months.

Bye for now.

Still feeling fit and healthy

Hello again,

It's great to be alive! So enjoying walking my wee dog on these sunny winter
days. Still feeling fit and healthy, put this down to a combination of a
healthy diet and my TBL-12.

Oncologist appointment  scheduled for the end of the month and I'm confident
they won't want to see me for another six months.

Keep Warm!

It's been three years now

Happy New Year!

Yes starting the year off feeling happy and healthy. Had a bone and CT scan in December of last year both with good reports no progression. It's been three years now since I started on TBL-12 which I'm sure is helping to keep the cancer at bay and also keeping me well.

Bye for now

Doesn't take long to bounce back

Hi All, Well winter hasn't been kind! I have struggled with my health having ongoing chest and lung infections, having said this I'm on the up again doesn't take long to bounce back I put this down to my twice daily shots (TBL-12). Bring on the warm weather! Until next time .......

Managed to keep the cancer at bay

Hi All, results in - no progression!! It's now been two and a half years since the terminal diagnosis and have managed to keep the cancer at bay. Go me and go TBL-12!!

No aches or pains which is always a positive

Hi All,

Thought it was about time I did an update! I'm doing well, no aches or pains which is always a positive.

Had an oncology appointment this week they suggested that I have a bone scan purely for the reason that I haven't had one for a while and also piece of mind ........ will let you know the outcome.

Until then

Happy New Year!

Just back from a fantastic Christmas break and I'm feeling amazing!

Have my first oncology appointment for the year coming up, I'm sure the team will be pleased with me as I look and feel great, thanks to TBL-12 I'm sure.

The latest bone scan showed no progression

Well it's been 2yrs since I received the terrible terminal diagnosis and I can honestly say that I feel better than ever with high energy levels and a good appetite. The latest bone scan showed no progression, the oncology team a scratching there heads as to why I'm doing so well, I know that my little secret (TBL-12) plays a big part in my well being.

Have a fantastic Christmas, catch you in the new year.

Cheers Maxine

Results from recent tests

Hi there still feeling well and energised. Have just been away on holiday easy to take my TBL-12 with me, the holiday was pretty full on and not once did I feel tired - put that down to my little secret (TBL-12)!

Have just received results from a recent bone scan - all good no progression!

Until next time .........


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