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Where have the last six months gone?!

Seriously, where have the last six months gone! As I wait for my surveillance MRI scan in July I feel healthy and full of energy. I am working full time and enjoying a fun filled, energetic life on the Sunny Coast. I am loving the benefits of taking my daily tubs of TBL-12, so safe and simple. As I write this blog it helps me reflect on my journey where I was and where I am today, thanks for improving my quality of life TBL-12.

I am now five years cancer free

This is so exciting! I am now five years cancer free with no changes on my MRI scans and unremarkable laboratory results. It’s hard to believe that five years ago I read about the interesting features of Sea Cucumber and its Cancer fighting properties. I am back working full time and have a good immune system. Without a doubt TBL-12 has enhanced my quality of life. Roll on Christmas and 2019.

Well I can’t believe it’s almost five years now

Well I can’t believe it’s almost five years now since I heard that terrifying word “cancer” and started taking TBL-12. The results of taking this amazing product speak for itself with nothing but clear scans outstanding specialist reviews and perfect labs. I am back at the gym 5 days a week, have the energy to keep up with the schedule of two busy kids and looking at going back to work. I’m proof that the anti-proliferative effects of TBL-12 work!

TBL-12 plays a huge part in my energy and wellbeing.

Where has this year gone! Life has been super busy living on the Sunshine Coast. You come to expect a few good things – most importantly seafood and warm weather! With stunning landscapes, beautiful golden beaches, fantastic shopping and exciting nightlife there has been no time to sit still. The kids are into all sorts of sports and swimming through the Queensland winter - what winter! The boundless effects of taking TBL-12 twice daily are proven. TBL-12 plays a huge part in my energy and wellbeing. If you haven’t started taking TBL-12 then start today and feel the energy!

I’m back running

Another clear scan in June was the icing on the cake before our big move to Australia, and no more scans now for three years! Oncology, Neurology and Endocrinology were all impressed with my progress. Although it has been a busy two months, taking TBL-12 twice daily ensures my immune system is in overdrive. I’m back running and loving the weather here in sunny Mooloolaba. 

Looking forward to exciting new changes

Looking forward to exciting new changes and a laid back lifestyle centred about pristine beaches, freshwater lakes, subtropical forests and warm sunshine living in Australia. I think its fair to say that over the last two months TBL-12 definitely helped keep up my positivity, motivation and high energy levels needed for the fast pace of moving to another country. Goodbye winter!

TBL-12 is definitely my energy ticket

Thanks to TBL-12 I have pulled through a busy Christmas and six weeks of crazy school holiday excursions, thank god the kids are back at school! I too am back at work and ready to tackle exciting personal and family goals for 2016 with enthusiasm. TBL-12 is definitely my energy ticket.    

The comparisons and results have been unreal!

Hello December! OMG it’s nearly Christmas. Isn’t it crazy to look back a year and realise how much has changed? Since starting on TBL-12 3 years ago the comparisons and results have been unreal! I have just completed my Prescribing Practicum for Nurse Practitioner and looking forward to Christmas and a summer of sun sand and fun. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2016! 

TBL-12 is definitely my formula for energy

Another one bites the dust! Just ticked endocrinology off my appointment list for another year! I am now officially on yearly follow-ups for neurosurgery, oncology and endocrinology. TBL-12 is definitely my formula for energy… now roll on summer, I can’t wait!

I’m so healthy nothing can stop me!

Yet another clear scan in June.  I am now on yearly scans and the Neurologist was so impressed he discontinued my Epilum. Life is super busy now that I am working four days a week but I still have plenty of energy to  cope with the busy demands of been a mother and studying. Let’s face it TBL-12 has improved my immunity and my quality of life!


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