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This is a very big positive to celebrate!

Hi Rosalyn here.  Just a small update… I am thankful that after 18 months I am now largely off painkillers. The insertion of a stent to drain my kidney has worked to ease that source of pain. And I have not had a return of the pain I had in 2015 due to the tumours. Also I am no longer plagued by migraines. This is a very big positive to celebrate!

Furthermore after several years of having to sleep propped up… in order to take the pressure off my back I am now able to sleep lying flat. This is a major improvement. I am getting much better quality sleep than I have for some time!

Existing tumours do not appear to be growing

In November 2015 I began experiencing pain in my back (although in a different place than I had in the first six months of 2015) together with pain in my groin and/or thigh…. all of this was on my left side. It meant I have had to take pain killers again. I also experienced a return of severe migraine like headaches. This was very debilitating. Throughout this time I had kept up my TBL-12.  In between migraines and the pain I would have good days and was not so tired.  I rested as much as possible.  During this time I have also been undertaking high dose I.V. vitamin C treatment.

I realise I need to do my part too and rest

I have been taking TBL-12 for three months now. Unfortunately the last two months have been very stressful while I have been looking for a new home and eventually moving in to the house.  Dave from TBL-12 has warned me repeatedly that I must rest and TBL-12 cannot help me if I don’t rest. While I think TBL-12 has helped me get through this stressful time I realise I need to do my part too and rest.

I have had some good days but generally have remained tired.

Hi - I’ve been on the TBL-12 for 6 weeks now. I am on to my second box. I have had some 

good days but generally have remained tired. This week I have started feeling niggling pain 

again in my back... not a good sign after 6 weeks of pain free time. I am also quite tired 


I have been doing very little exercise this last fortnight and rest in bed most mornings till 

9am in order to be up to the day. 

I have been taking 3 TBL-12 most days. I also continue on my high dose vitamin c infusions 

Hope I begin to feel some improvement soon

For the last three weeks prior to and since taking the TBL-12 I have been very exhausted and have been experiencing terrible body aches, and sore neck glands. I started taking two doses of TBL-12 per day for the first two weeks and have this week begun taking three per day in an attempt to give myself a much needed extra boost. It is my hope that I will begin to feel some improvement soon.

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