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Still feeling and looking marvellously well!

Well not much to report really only to say that I’m still feeling and looking marvellously well!! Last months oncology visit went well as I expected - “your doing great so carry on doing what your doing”. TBL-12 all the way!!! Looking forward to the warmer weather ....... Have a great summer

It's great to be alive!

Hello again,

It's great to be alive! So enjoying walking my wee dog on these sunny winter days. Still feeling fit and healthy, put this down to a combination of a healthy diet and my TBL-12. Oncologist appointment scheduled for the end of the month and I'm confident they won't want to see me for another six months.

Keep Warm!

Positive Impact

TBL-12 has had a positive impact on my life, I no longer suffer from continuous colds that I can’t recover from, I no longer have to travel an hour and a half one way to Greymouth Hospital for Herceptin infusions. I look forward to continuing good health.

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