I realise I need to do my part too and rest

I have been taking TBL-12 for three months now. Unfortunately the last two months have been very stressful while I have been looking for a new home and eventually moving in to the house.  Dave from TBL-12 has warned me repeatedly that I must rest and TBL-12 cannot help me if I don’t rest. While I think TBL-12 has helped me get through this stressful time I realise I need to do my part too and rest.

Because of this stressful period I am not surprised that the tumour related pain in my back has returned and I require medication again to give me relief. I also find I tire more quickly that I had earlier in the year. I do believe this is due to the lack of rest on my part preventing my immune system from recovering. 

After seeing my oncologist two weeks ago and reporting these developments she has scheduled me to have some scans to see what is happening.  I have yet to receive the appointments for the scans but will meet with a new oncologist in late January to look at the results.

I realise that during the last month in particular I had neglected the restful routine I had previously established and I had allowed myself to become very rundown and dehydrated.  I have turned that around now and am resting and hydrating well and am already feeling the difference.   Now settled in my new home with my family around me, enabling me to rest, and taking three TBL-12 per day, my immune system has a better opportunity to be strengthened in its fight against the cancer.

Thanks again to Dave for his encouragement.