Recovering from dental surgery

At the moment I am recovering from dental surgery, which was successful. An enormous amount of skill and extra time was needed for my treatment, As I have a lot of scaring and this has caused a very limited opening of my mouth. My nostrils also have a lot of scarring. They needed to be dilatated so the air tube could fit in for the anaesthetic. (Scarring is caused by repeated cycle of blistering and healed skin). Because my skin is fragile the skin on my bottom lip was mostly rubbed of as I had some teeth extracted. I expected this to happen and really this is minimal damage. There could have very easily been a lot of other issues. So I am thrilled to be healing and recovering quickly thanks to TBL12.. This gives me a HUGE constant boost of nutrition which is what my body needs everyday.



Merry Christmas to all

Holly Gilshnan