Tijuana, TBL-12 and no more signs of tumors or bone metastasis

Hi all here is my latest update.

Well it's been a whirlwind few months, in mid December my Husband Tama and I made the decision to head to Mexico to receive treatment at an alternative cancer clinic, TBL-12 has proven to be very beneficial to my health but we felt we had to cover all of our bases to give me the best possible out come.

On the 10th January 2014 my Husband and I along with my sister bordered a flight for the U.S.A, I can tell you I was feeling very anxious, but knowing I would regret it if I didn't give it a go.

On arrival at the Immunity Therapy Clinic in Tijuana we were meet by Dr Bautista, our initial consultation was very informative and we had a really good feeling about the treatment plan out lined for me which included B17 vitamin, Bicarbonate soda, Stem cell therapy and a range of heating techniques. Dr Bautista commented on how well I looked, I was to hear this often at the clinic as patients and their supporters would comment on how healthy I looked, I truly believe that TBL-12 had a big part to play in this, not only looking well but feeling energised. The treatment course is very intense and I was pleased that I had good energy levels going into it.

I attended the clinic for a total of six weeks, during the fifth week of treatment an appointment was made for a bone scan the results we received the following day were absolutely amazing, the tumours that I had on the bone were gone and there was no more sign of bone metastasis, now I don't know if it was the TBL-12 or the treatment I received at the clinic or a combination of both, whatever it was it worked!! What this means for me is I still have stage 4 cancer, if I can keep it from spreading back to the bone I have a chance in five years to go into remission.

I had given both Dr Bautista and a nutritionist who works along side the doctor all the information regarding TBL-12 and they were in agreement that it is a great supplement and I should continue to take it.

We have been home for three weeks now and I'm feeling fantastic, and happy to be taking my TBL-12 twice a day.

Until next time ..............